Poetry Writing Workshops


Planting Seeds with Poetry

with Cristina Norcross

January 16, 2016
(Registration Deadline: Mon, Jan 11) 

9:30 am – noon

Red Oak Writing ~ Marian Center for NonProfits #205

3195 S Superior St, Milwaukee

Poetry transports us to illuminating worlds, which we never knew existed, and convinces us to stay there with enticing sights, sounds, and textures. In this workshop, we will read a few sample passages from novels by writers who have a strong poetic voice. We will identify why each writer’s use of language and/or technique makes the narrative more evocative or compelling.

The larger portion of the session will be comprised of a series of short poetry writing prompts, followed by a Roundtable-style sharing and discussion period. Writing exercises will focus on word choice, imagery, and how to pinpoint your purpose in as few words as possible. Writers will work both solo and in groups, to help generate ideas and share thoughts on why the poetic voice helps to make a story come alive.

WORD PAINT: Nature Poetry and Art Workshop


by Cristina MR Norcross and Anne Raskopf

November 22 Saturday from 9-11:30 am
Fee: $60
Student limit: 8, ages 9-14

Join us for this discovery class exploring poetry and art for young people. We will create a “Word Paint” canvas, writing a poem and conceptualizing the poem into images. Have your child bring in either a found object or a photo/image clipping from nature:  a leaf, a twig, a feather, a flower, a photo of an ocean wave, an image of a mountain, a painting of a lake, an animal, an insect, a drawing of a tree, etc.

Poetry writing session: (with Cristina Norcross) including fun writing warm ups!

Words-to-Canvas Session / Creating Art! (with Anne Raskopf) paint warm-up session to loosen the joints!

Students will use their focus word or words to create a main theme for their paintings.  Students will have the opportunity to use acrylic paint to turn their words into images!  Imaginations will soar with this artistic process.

Offered at SummerStage
605 Milwaukee Street
Delafield, WI 53018 262-337-1560

Poetry Writing Workshops @ the Delafield Arts Center
w/author Cristina M. R. Norcross

Brainstorm Poetry

Sat. March 10, 2012 / 1:00-2:30pm, ages 10-13

To register visit:
Tel: 262.303.4865

Class Description:

Brainstorm Poetry (ages 10-13)

Hands-on, in-class exercises will include: emotion poems, partner interview poems, mystery word box exercises and “where I am from” poems.  We will share our brainstorm poems in a circle, encouraging supportive comments and thoughts.  There will be no formal feedback for this younger age group, but each person will be asked to say one thing about a student’s poem that they liked.  We will explore poetry by “doing” poetry, so that the students will come away feeling capable of creating in an art form genre that is often mystified.