Blue Heron Review

Edited by Cristina M. R. Norcross

(Blue Heron Review logo artwork by Daniel Adams)

Brief Description:

Blue Heron Review is an online poetry magazine specializing in mystical and spiritual verse.  Blue Heron provides a space for poets who offer a positive message about living fully and engaging with the world through beauty, a sense of community and acceptance.

Blue Heron strives to promote and feature works that nourish the soul, encourage deep reflection and support a peaceful life path.  Blue Heron poets embrace the concepts of:  joy, abundance, grace, love, light, connection, awareness, acceptance, balance, peace, one’s soul path, and spirit in their works.  Think, Rumi ~ think, Hafiz!

Blue Heron Review will have TWO online issues per year (winter/summer), as well as ONE featured poet on our Blue Heron Speaks page each month.  The winter issue is published at the end of February.  The summer issue published at the end of July.